Western Fabricators, Inc.

2506West Jackson
Phoenix, Arizona 85009

April 29, 2003

Western Watt, Inc.
201 E. Southern Ave., #114
Tempe, Arizona 85282

Attention: Mary

It has been over two years since we had two System units installed at Western Fabricators, Inc.

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that the units are performing well and doing everything your company said they would do.

Your product has protected all of our computers and electrical equipment, compressors, and motors from power surges and spikes. To date, we have lost no equipment and believe that the installation of the System is responsible for this.

As agreed in the contract, Western Watt conducted a kilowatt saving’s analysis which showed a documented saving’s of 13.74% on the first meter and 16.59% kilowatt savings on the second meter. We are very pleased with the saving’s.

If any of your potential customers have questions about the performance of this equipment, please have them call me or our plant manager, Jack Duncan.


Robert W. Hath,

The Original Letter:


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