Varian Tempe Electronics Center

615South Riverdrive
Tempe, Arizona 82281

Western Watt, Inc.
4015 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Dear Mary:

Varian Tempe Electronics Center is very pleased with the System that Western Watt installed for us back in June 1996.

Up to that time, we had been experiencing 4 to 5 power surges and outages a year. Every time this occurred, we would lose maybe half a dozen computers as well as motors and compressors on our Auto Insertion and Surface Mount equipment.

Since installing this system, we have not lost one computer or piece of equipment to a power surge, outage, or any other type of power problem. This system completely corrected our problems, and these savings alone have more than paid for the cost of the equipment.

This system works so well we have chosen not to conduct an energy audit because to do so would require running the system off to properly do the audit. Instead, we are realizing the maximum protection of our equipment while also achieving a decrease in our electrical consumption.

I recommend this system to any business that is having power surge or outage problems, particularly when such problems result in equipment loss.

I would be glad to speak to any of your prospective customers about the merits of your system. They may call me at (480) 968-6790 ext. 4014 to discuss this product and what it has done for our company.


Peter Denton
Facility Manager
Varian Tempe Electronics Center

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