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Western Watt, Inc.
201 E Southern Ave. #114
Tempe, AZ 85252

Dear Mary:

When Western Watt. Inc. asked me to write a reference letter on teh equipment they installed for us in January, 1996 I was glad to do so for the following reasons:

First of all, I saw immediate reduction in the monthly electrical bill. Before installing the equipment, our electrical bill was running approximately $1300.00 per month. After installing this equipment, our electrical bill dropped to $1000.00- a $300.00 per month savings. We have continued to receive these savings every month.

Secondly, we recently had some electrical / surge problems. The System equipment did it’s job by protecting our electrical equipment, thus preventing any equipment loss.

I would recommend this equipment to any business how is in need of protecting any electrical equipment from power surges and other electrical problems- and who is interested in lowering their monthly electrical usage.


Craig Hauer
Vice President

The Original Letter:


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