Tournament Players Club

To:                   Pete Davison
From:               Bill Reid
Subject:           Attached
Date:               June 6, 1990

I have reviewed all electric use at TPC to attempt to reduce costs. This proposal for Western Watt’s System made so much sense, It thought it was a hoax. Brit Stenson’s office checked it out and agreed it was a good idea, but thought we should check it out locally, which we did last week. Cannon and Wendt, our electricians, say that it definitely works and suggested we at least do the Stadium clubhouse as an experiment.

I request we purchase the clubhouse system for the Stadium. Can I expense in electric line item which should come out on budget with saving? Should I capitalize (no funds appropriated) and see a reduction in the expense side? Should I request all five programs for ’91 capital? Please advise.

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