Top Shelf – Mexican Cantina

September 11, 2005

Western Watt, Inc.
4015 S. McClintock Dr. #102
Tempe, AZ 85282

Dear Mary:

I am pleased to be able to give you a reference letter on the power conditioning/energy reduction system which your company installed at both our Mesa and Scottsdale locations over 10 years ago.

Before installing this equipment, we were having a lot of power surge problems which greatly affected the operating of the electrical equipment in our restaurants. Installing this equipment corrected the surge problems. We have not had a reoccurring power surge or equipment loss since that time.

As far as reducing our energy usage, we noticed an immediate reduction in our electrical bill, and have continued to realize these savings over the years.

We are very pleased with this equipment and would recommend its use to other businesses who are interested in protecting their electrical equipment and lowering their electrical costs.


Charles McCracken,
(602) 933-5463



The Original Letter:

Top Shelf Letter

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