Precision Aerospace

3011 West Windsor
Phoenix, Arizona 85009

May 25, 2004

Mary Klatt

Western Watt, Inc.
4015 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Dear Mary:

Precision Aerospace installed the “Protector” in 1993, and instantly experienced a reduction in the cost of electricity. This system paid for itself in a short term, approximately four months.

We moved our facility to a new location in 1998 and Western Watt was very prompt to come out and remove the Protector system at our old building and installed it on our new building at no cost to us. In our original agreement with Western Watt, they stated that they would move the system at no charge to a new facility if we moved – that is exactly what they did.

When our new facility was operational we continued to see a savings on our electrical bill. We also had the system moved to the new building because we anted to protect our machines from lighting strikes and surges which had been a serious problem in the past before we installed the Protector system.

In August of 1999 a new updated version of the Protector became available with many added features. We took advantage of a rebate offer and purchased the new system for our building. Western Watt conducted an energy audit after installing the new updated system which showed a 15.81% reduction in our energy usage. We have continued to be pleased with the performance of this system and also pleased by the service of Western Watt has provided.

I would be glad to speak to any of your prospective customers regarding the benefits of this system and how our company has benefited from its use over the years. They may contact me at (602) 352-8658.


Barbara McGee
Office Manager

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