M & S MFG, Inc.

11201 North 21st Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85029

January 22, 1998

Western Watt
4015 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Dear Mary:

M & S Manufacturing, currently known as Tech Metals, installed the System equipment in February 1995.

Before installing this equipment on our building, we had a lot of power surge problems. During the summer months, we would lose an average of 15 motors due to power surges. The loss was primarily 3 phase motors, which feed CNC machines, and the motors on the coolers.

Since installing the System equipment, we have cut our motor loss from 15 down to 3 to 4, and have noticed a great improvement in the quality of our electric power.

Western Watt conducted an energy audit and showed a 16.3% reduction in the electrical usage at our facility. As a company we did not continue to monitor the electrical savings, but we definitely did see our electrical usage go down, and have continued to see a reduction.

This equipment more than paid for itself within the first year, considering the money we saved on motor replacement and on energy savings.

I would be glad to speak to any of your prospective customers on the benefits of this equipment and what it has done for my company. I can be reached at (623) 434-1912 (WK) or (623) 516-0006 (HM).


Larry McCully

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