Ice Den

August 5th, 2010

Western Watt, Inc.
4015 S. McClintock Drive #102
Tempe, AZ 85282

Attention: Mary

We installed the Western Watt power conditioning system several years ago as we found that we were getting hit with “spikes” quite frequently and suffered from what was termed “dirty power” coming in from the transformers on the street. All in all it added up to internal issues with equipment.

Since moving to the Western Watt program, our system has been far more efficient as well as evening out our power costs. That along with the upgrade to our refrigeration plant has been a significant benefit. The compressors don’t “slam” on and off the way they used to, rather they slowly ramp up and slow down in a much smoother fashion which doesn’t hammer the APS bill like it used to before installing the system.

Western Watt conducted an 8 week energy audit and showed us a 16.78% overall reduction in kilowatt usage. Needless to say, we were very pleased with the savings.

We would recommend (and already have) Western Watt to any business owner who is interested in controlling their business overhead and protecting their valuable equipment from harmful surges and spikes.

What was also attractive about Western Watt is that they have an excellent A+ Rating with the BBB. That was important.

I would be glad to speak to any of your prospective clients regarding the benefits the ICE Den has received from using this system. If they would like to call me on my direct line (480) 473-5835 I would be glad to answer their questions.




Michael O’Hearn


Coyotes Ice, LLC

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