Fidelity Press West

December 18, 2001

Western Watt
4015 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282


I originally met with Western Watt in October 2000, at which time I made the decision to purchase a system for my building.

Fidelity Press is located in an area of the valley,40th Street and Broadway, where there are a lot of power problems. The power problems range from power outages to surges and spikes in the power flow. These power problems were greatly affecting the efficiency and cost effectiveness of operating the business. the power would go out and computers would shut down. When the power came back on surges were generated which would cause information to be lost. This cost the company a lot of lost time to recreate the information not to mention the inconvenience and the unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment.

We installed the System and have eliminated our power problems. We saw such great benefits from this system, that when our second building was ready in August 2001, we immediately purchased a system for that building.

The energy savings have been significant. We immediately saw a reduction in our electrical usage and have continued to see the savings.

I would recommend this system and Western Watt to any business owner who is having power related problems they would like to correct or experiencing high energy costs they would like to reduce.

Business owners you are currently working with may call me at (602) 276-5123 and I would be glad to answer their questions and discuss the benefits this system is providing.


Gregg Redd, owner
3549 “C” East Broadway Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85040

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