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January 27, 2004

Mary Klatt,

Western Watt installed the Protector System for E.F. Data (now Comtech E. F. Data) in September 1998. We have been very pleased with the purchase of this system.

Prior to installing the Protector, we were experiencing power surge problems that greatly affected the operation of our electoral and electronic equipment. It is very important that our sensitive equipment operate efficiently and on clean power. Since installing the Protector System, we have completely eliminated our surge problems and our equipment is now running very efficiently on clean power provided by the protector.

We immediately saw at least a 15% reduction in our monthly electrical usage-probably more. This reduction we saw in our electrical usage was substantiated by the results of energy audit conducted by Western Watt.

I am very impressed by the continued reliability of this system. And would recommend this system to any business that has sensitive electrical equipment to protect from loss, is currently having surge or power problems, realizes the great benefit of clean power, or has an electrical bill they would like to reduce.

I would be glad to talk to any of your prospective customers who are considering the purchase and installation of this system and discuss with them the benefits we have received over the last six years. They my contact me on my direct line, (480) 333-2370.


Art Guzman
Facilities Manager

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