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Dear Mary;

We installed the System at our shop in San Diego in July 2001, and continue to be very pleased with the performance of this system.

For years, prior to installing this system our shop continually experienced a lot of power surges and other power related problems which lead to equipment loss, motor loss, unnecessary repair and replacement costs, lost production time, and much frustration.

We knew we needed to do something to correct these problems. We met with Mr. Hagarty from your company in July 2001, at which time he explained that by installing the System on our building we could actually isolate our building, and in this way protect our valuable electrical equipment from loss, eliminate all power surges and also lower our electrical costs.. He was right. The system performed exactly as he said it would. We no longer experience motor loss, unnecessary repair costs, lost production time and have also been able to reduce our electrical costs because our equipment is now running more efficiently (using less kilowatt hours each month) with the conditioned electrical power the System provides.

As far as energy savings, we did see a significant reduction in our electoral costs initially, but over the past three years we have not continued to monitor these savings although I am sure we are still saving on electrical costs.

I would highly recommend the use of the System to any business owner who is interested in eliminating motor loss, reducing repair costs, reducing production downtime, and lowering their energy costs. I would be glad to speak with any of your prospective customers and explain to them first hand the benefits we have received from the use of this system over the last three years. They may call me at my office. (619) 232 5719.


Henry Beauloye
Carlson & Beauloye

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