Big O Tire and Service Center

Mike Dennis
2160 East Guadalupe Road
Tempe, AZ 85283
(480) 831-6292 Fax: (480) 838-6909

June 21, 2006

Western Watt
4015 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Dear Mary:

When I purchased the Big O Tire location in Tempe, the building was already equipped with one of the original System Units.

In 1998, Western Watt approached me with a rebate offer on the old equipment, which allowed me to purchase the new, upgraded System at a very reasonable cost.

I basically purchased the new system for energy savings because I was not experiencing any surge or power problems, which was probably because the old System was still in place.

After installing the new system, I saw a significant savings in my energy consumption. I started keeping the business open one additional day/week, added new employees, and some additional equipment. I would have expected my energy usage to increase by at least 15% with all the added expenses such as additional air conditioning etc. Instead, I saw no significant increase in my electrical consumption and I attribute that to the installation of the new System, Which guarantees a 15% reduction in energy usage.

I would be glad to discuss the benefits of this system and what it has done for me with any of the business owners who are interested in getting information. They can call me at (480) 831-6292


Mike Dennis, Owner

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