BBB Letter to Western Watt

May 4, 2008

Mr. Patrick Joseph Hagarty, President
4015 S. McClintock #102
Tempe, AZ 85282

Dear Mr. Hagarty:

The Better Business Bureau of Central/Northern Arizona (BBB) thanks you for your continued membership and support. Your membership is a commitment to the highest standards of ethical business practices. It accomplishes several things:

  • It is a statement of your company’s belief in voluntary self-regulation, and affirmation that the services we provide to the public are vital and necessary in today’s marketplace.
  •  It is an acknowledgement of your company’s belief that the public has a right to know with whom they are doing business, and how to conduct that business fairly.
  •  Membership is a promise to your customers and employees, that you support the communities where they live and where you do business.

As an active BBB member,  your continued participation has helped to make us the leading choice for information, education and referral by businesses and consumers alike: a role that is the very heart of our organization and in every aspect of the programs and services your membership helps us to provide.

We trust that you are proud of your company’s membership, and are taking every opportunity to promote that distinction to the public. Please feel free to contact for more ways to leverage your membership.

As your partner, we thank you again for your participation and support. If you have any questions or suggestions, we encourage you to contact us. Your input is valued and necessary for our continued growth and success in the marketplace.


Elaine Hugunin
President/Chief Executive Officer

Encl: Plaque date sticker

The Original Letter:

BBB Letter

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