Automotive Testing Laboratories, Inc.

263 S Mulberry ST.
Mesa, Arizona 85202

August 19, 2005

Mr. Antwan Richardson

Western Watt, Inc.
4015 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Subject: Power Conditioning System

Dear Antwan;

You will be pleased to know that the performance of the power conditioning / surge suppression / energy reduction system that Western Watt installed toward the end of last year at our Mesa Facility is working just as you advertised. Since the system was installed, we have had no further problems with the electrical power surges and spikes that have the potential to damage our sensitive laboratory test equipment and computers.

I was also pleased with the results of the energy audit Western Watt conducted last winter after our power conditioning system was installed. The audit showed a reduction of almost 16% in our kilowatt-hour usage when the system was “ON” compared to when it was “Off”. This energy saving is an added benefit to the excellent job the equipment does in conditioning our electrical power suppressing voltage surges and spikes.

This summer energy savings prompted me to send you this letter. MY laboratory has 26,000 square feet of temperature controlled space. The typical kilowatt-hour usage during the June – August period (peak cooling season) is 130,000, but with your system in place my usage has not exceeded 100,000 – and it has been a hot summer! Initially, I had projected a payback period of 12 months, based on the utility bill savings I anticipated from your equipment. That payback period has now been shortened by two months.

Western Watt has handled its responsibility promptly and professionally. I would be glad to speak with any of your potential customers with businesses similar to mine regarding my experience with Western Watt and your power conditioning equipment. Your prospective customers can reach me at (480) 649-7906.

Best Regards,

Gregory R. Barton

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