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August 10, 2014

As promised, Western Watt delivered a power conditioning system that substantially reduced our energy usage, cleaned the incoming power to such an extent that our equipment lasted longer, had fewer repairs, functioned as it should, and protected our restaurant/bar operations from “dirty” power, spikes, surges and the negative effects of power outages. We have enjoyed the benefits of Western Watt system for over 9 years, and never had a reason for disappointment.

I was highly skeptical of the claims made when first approached, by Western Watt, but after independent energy audits of all operations and homes, I found those claims to be not only true but perhaps even understated. In our Mill Cue Club operations, we reduced energy usage by 19% in the first year alone, with similar results at our other restaurants. Slicers, mixers, blenders, computers …all electrical equipment lasted substantially longer, and had fewer repair issues since Western Watt came on board.

I would HIGHLY recommend your system to any business or homeowner, large or small. It works as promised, and more.


Dennis Alexander
Alexander Hospitality, LLC
Direct: 602-705-4602
13236 N 7th St. Suite 4 PMB 314


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