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 May 22, 2006

Western Watt, Inc.
4015 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Dear Mary:

I was more than happy to offer to give Western Watt a reference letter on the power conditioning/surge protection equipment installed for us by Western Watt in August 1988.

Before installing this equipment, our plant was experiencing surge and spike problems which caused us a great deal of concern considering the extensive amount of electrical equipment our building houses. Since installing your equipment, our surge and spike problems have been eliminated.

Western Watt conducted an energy audit after the equipment was installed to measure our electrical usage. Our electrical usage was reduced greatly and the test and analysis results documented by Western Watt’s energy audit far exceeded the guarantees. We have continued to receive these great savings.

This was a very cost effective investment for our company, saving not only on electrical costs, but equally, and in our case even more important, on equipment loss. I would recommend this equipment to any business which is interested in protecting their electrical equipment from surge problems and reducing their electrical costs.

I would be happy to discuss the benefits and effectiveness of this equipment with prospective new customers. They can call me at (602) 437-8080 for a reference on the system.


Gary Williamson
Manufacturing Manager


The Original Letter:

Testimonial from Aero Design Manufacturing

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