Western Watt Provides the BEST Power Conditioning Systems Available!

Our systems will provide you with many benefits:
Ready Killawat

  • Non-Deteriorating Unit
  • Protects against lightning induced transients on electrical lines
  • Clean power throughout the circuit
  • Reduces stress and failure to semi-conductors
  • Protects sensitive electronic equipment
  • Reduces computer logic loss
  • Reduces computer information storage errors
  • Reduces computer malfunctions
  • Reduces operating temperature of motors
  • Extends equipment life
  • Reduces equipment downtime
  • Reduces carbon buildup in motors
  • Reduces breakdown of motor insulation
  • Reduces equipment failure
  • Reduces maintenance cost on all electrical equipment
  • Extends life expectancy of appliances, light bulbs, and florescent lighting components
  • Improves operating efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment
  • Improves efficiency of electrical systems.