How It Works

How does a Western Watt Power Conditioning System Work?


Our Power Conditioning Systems are installed at the point where the electricity enters your facility. Hence, our systems can condition the power for ALL of the electronic and electrical equipment in your whole facility, a tremendous advantage over point-of-use surge suppression devices.

Highway Driving Analogy

Image of Surge Spikes with the Power Conditioner System Off

Typical spikes that occurs when the power is not conditioned by our Western Watt Power Conditioning System.

Just as you know your gas mileage is much better when you are driving at a consistent highway speed on cruise control (rather than in stop-and-go traffic on city streets), you electrical equipment runs much more efficiently when it is receiving a smooth flow of electricity of the proper voltage. While your electrical utility company does it’s best to deliver clean power to your facility, it cannot control the surrounding environment. Other businesses and homes in the area, as electrical equipment is switched on and off, cause disruptions to the power being delivered to YOUR facility. Similarly, other factors such as lightning storms can induce power surges and spikes in electrical transmission lines. These various disruptions, surges and spikes can result in power being delivered to you similar, to stop-and-go traffic on a city street. A Power Conditioning System effectively isolates your facility from all the surrounding buildings and transmission lines that can disrupt your power flow. A Power Conditioning System filters and conditions the electrical power so your facility receives clean power, similar to putting your entire building on cruise control.

Image of Surge Spikes that occur after our Power Conditioner System is installed

Surges and spikes are practically eliminated by the Western Watt Power Conditioning System.

All Good Things are Filtered in Today’s Environment

Image of the Sine Wave of typical power delivered to building

The power delivered to most buildings have a very jagged sine wave indicating drastic variations in power levels.

In today’s environment, we tend to filter and condition many things we regularly use. Just as filtered, conditioned water tastes better and washes your cloths and dishes better than hard, unaltered water, your electrical equipment runs cooler and more efficiently with clean, filtered, conditioned power. Clean Power extends the life of all types of motors, compressors, lighting and electronic equipment. Voltage fluctuations (typical of the “raw” power now being provided to your business – with various surges and voltage spikes) can damage motors, ballasts and virtually all types of electronic equipment. Many people now use various types of water conditioning systems to improve the quality and taste of city or well water. While city and well water is relatively safe to use, a water conditioning system can filter out impurities, improving the quality and taste of the water. Similarly, a Power Conditioning System can filter and condition your electrical power, removing the almost constant stream of power surges and spikes generated by the electrical equipment in the surrounding businesses and homes, thus improving the quality of the power your facility receives.

Image of a Smooth Sine Wave of Conditioned Power

Notice the smooth sine wave of power that has been conditioned by Western Watts Power Conditioning System. It shows gradual transitions provided to the building.