Frequently asked questions about Western Watt’s Power Conditioning Systems


What does a Power Conditioning System do?

A Power Conditioning System is a high tech piece of equipment designed specifically to meet the electrical needs of each building. It provides your entire facility with clean, conditioned electrical power, and it protects ALL of the electrical and electronic equipment in your facility from the power surges and spikes that can damage such equipment.

How does a Power Conditioning System work?

Our systems filter and condition all of the incoming electrical power and they maintain the proper voltage entering your facility by actively tracking and correcting the sine wave of the alternating current. They also suppress any over-voltage at the point where your electrical power enters your buildings. This protects ALL of your electrical and electronic equipment from damaging power surge and spikes.

Why do I need a Power Conditioning System when I already have a surge suppressors on all of my computers?

“Under the desk” style commercial surge suppressors, when new, only provide limited protection for the specific pieces of equipment that are plugged into them. These inexpensive surge suppressors deteriorate over time, and most are completely ineffective after about 1 1/2 to 2 years, Furthermore, any items of your electrical or electronic equipment (such as air conditioning fans and compressors, electrical motors, fire and/or burglar alarm equipment, copy machines, telephone equipment, etc.) which are not directly plugged into one of these surge suppressors are receiving NO protection at all. By installing a Power Conditioning System at the point where your electrical service enters your facility, the system can provide protection for your entire building and ALL of the electrical and electronic equipment housed in your facility.

If I have Western Watt install a Power Conditioning System for my business or home, when will I need to replace it?

NEVER! Western Watt extends a full lifetime warranty on its Power Conditioning Systems. We are able to do this because our systems are non-deteriorating. Our Power Conditioning Systems are also maintenance-free and service-free. It is the most reliable equipment of its type available, and it carries the best warranty in the industry!

What if I don’t own the building in which my business is located? Can I still get a Power Conditioning System for my company even if I lease my business premises?

Absolutely! Many (in fact, most) of our customers do not own the buildings housing their businesses. Furthermore, if you move, Western Watt will move your power conditioning equipment to your new location for you at NO COST (anywhere in the state of Arizona).

What’s the difference between the Power Conditioning System installed at my business and the system installed at my house?

They don’t look the same. They are not the same. Each of Western Watt’s Power Conditioning Systems is designed to fit the needs of each individual business or home. Since most homes have a significantly different type of electrical service then most businesses, the Power Conditioning Systems for most homes look different then the systems used at most businesses.

How will I know that my Power Conditioning System is really reducing my kilowatt hour usage by at least 15%?

If you wish, Western Watt will conduct an eight-week energy audit at your facility following the installation of an industrial series Power Conditioning System. The kilowatt-hour usage with the equipment “ON” during four of the eight weeks will be compared to the kilowatt-hour usage with the equipment “OFF” during the other four weeks of the audit period.

How can I tell if my Power Conditioning System is operating properly after it has been installed at my business or home?

Each industrial series Power Conditioning System designed for three-phase power has three green indicators on the front panel (one indicator for each “phase” of the power being supplied to the building). If the indicators are illuminated, then your Power Conditioning System is functioning properly. Single-phase systems will have only one or two indicators illuminated (depending on the characteristics of your specific electrical service).

My electric bill didn’t go down after my Power Conditioning System was installed. Does this mean the equipment isn’t working properly, even if the lights are on?

There are many factors that can and will affect your electrical costs at any given time, many of which are beyond your control, and our control. Some of these factors include changes in electrical rates, an increase or decrease in your daily business activities which change your usage category or cost/kilowatt hour with the power company, a change in hours of operation, the addition or deletion of equipment, lowering or raising your thermostat, humidity, temperature changes, and more. Consequently, even though your business is consuming fewer kilowatt-hours with the use of your Power Conditioning System, your actual electrical costs can fluctuate or remain the same from year to year .

Why should i get my power conditioning/surge suppression equipment Western Watt?

We’ve been in business in Arizona for over 19 years. Western Watt is a member of the Better Business Bureau of Central/Northern Arizona, and there are never any “hidden” costs or fees with equipment from Western Watt. Every system sold by Western Watt includes a lifetime warranty and service contract at no additional cost to the customer.