Welcome to the Valley of Energy Savings

Western Watt, Inc provides clean energy to the entire building and protects all the electrical equipment in it from brown outs, spikes, lightning strikes, and other electrical hazards. We provide the highest quality Power Conditioning System in the industry.
Ready Killawat

  • Reduce your power costs by a minimum of 15%
  • Extend the life of your Computers, Electric Motors, Lighting, and all other electrical equipment.
  • Free consultation with one of our representatives.
  • We install it and we move it free of charge the 1st time you move in the state of Arizona.
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty on parts and workmanship!¬†Included
  • A quick return on your investment -¬†[complete list of benefits]


We’ll save you money for a lifetime!

Some of our Satisfied Customers

ROI – Return On Investment

With our power conditioning system you will immediately start saving on your power bill. Your savings will be a minimum of 15%, which will start giving you a return on your investment right away. The real savings will come from the equipment you will no longer have to replace. Not only does this reduce your expenses for replacing equipment, but this will reduce down time. Less down time means more revenue for your business. All of these benefits will lead to a quick return on your investment.